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Helpline Includes is a collaborative initiative of Dialogue in the Dark and SOS Missions in partnerships with many other stakeholders from the Private, Public and Social sectors to help the many OKUs and other needy communities survive through this tough and challenging Covid-19 Pandemic times. Although we shall endeavour to do our utmost to help our OKU friends for the below aids we appreciate understanding from our OKU friends patient understanding towards our response and support Helpline which are also manned by a team of trained OKU Contact Agents.Our team shall do their utmost best to respond to your enquiring needs within72 hours on working days. Thank you for your patience.

Counselling Aid

For personal emotion, mental and family challenges

Volunteer Aid

To help in transport, hospital visits etc

Covid-19 Protective Gear Aid

For face masks and sanitizers only

Education Aid

Tuition and coaching to help OKU students learn during Covid-19

Job and Training Aid

To assist in looking for Jobs, Vocational retraining and Micro Enterprise opportunities

Food and Grocery Aid

Connecting to agencies providing daily food and monthly grocery support